Success Portfolio

Success Portfolio

Urban Pace is experienced in creating the market where there hasn’t been one, attracting buyers to a new buying opportunity in a neighborhood, and setting a previously non-existent pricing standard.

Columbia Court

Columbia Heights

1225 Fairmont Street NW

The Otis

Columbia Heights

809‐811 & 812 Otis Place NW

McGill Row


2201 Second Street NW

1621 Flats on Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill

1621 East Capitol Street SE

Hailey House

Columbia Heights

3511 13th Street NW

Thomason House

Columbia Heights

3606 Rock Creek Church

The Brinkley

Capitol Hill East

321 18th Street SE

The Jordan

Gallaudet Park

1600 West Virginia Ave NE

The Fremont

Logan Circle

1102 R Street NW